Revitalizing your cuticles, embellishing your personality

When you look good, you feel good. Bella Mi is right destination to make you feel fabulous in LAS Vegas. Elevate yourself with the pampering that makes you feel relaxed, stress free. They have experienced technicians at their nail studio turns you cuticles in wearable art. The specialists also tend to the rest of the body with facials, waxing services, and eyelash extensions, as well as soothing massages Specialized in manicures, which stay hydrating and shiny for long time. And have spa, deluxe and hot stone massage for pedicures.

Just a few minutes with Bella Mi can remodel you into a total diva. Swiftly shaping your nails, gently care for cuticles, and decorating with a vibrant color polish makes you feel gorgeous. When you have flawless hands and feet and when you match your favourite outfit with the colour and elegance of your nails, it magnifies your personality and makes you feel more confident.

Getting Manicure and Pedicure softens your skin and improve blood circulation, help you to get rid of dead skin and make you feel relax and restore natural tenderness to the skin.

Style and trends evolve through certain changes, they are never same. Acrylic nails and Nail art are two eye catching styles. They look cute and beautiful. At Bella Mi you have opportunity to enhance your hands beauty and chance to get crisp shape of your nails. Beautify yourself with all these services at Bella Mi if you are in LAS Vegas.

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